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I hope somebody takes pity on me and my idiocy...

Okay. *thinks* Okay. There are these really super-pretty pictures of Elijah Wood in a grey shirt with a red Adidas logo on the front, right? And... And you can get all the portraits at... uh... place. Bagendinn.com. Right.

But those pictures of him wearing that shirt... but sitting on the couch. On the couch. Right? Can't find them. But I know I saw them when I was surfing on the laptop and couldn't save. I know I did. Did someone post them or something?

Once again this task of finding these stupid pictures is keeping me from my homework.

for the love of god feed my anal retentiveness arr arr arr before i fail english arrrrrrr

Congratulations! You're Merry!

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It's like being drunk... without the alcohol. Best kind of drunk cause there ain't no hangover in the morning.

... Helllllllllllllllloo cream soda!!! I need a cigarette.

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