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I'm a dork. A dumb dork...

Yeah. Two of the Darren Shan fanarts don't go straight to the picture. Damn frames on websites fucking me up... >__> I am short, red-headed, firey-tempered, and pissed off. Sort of.

Seriously, the only reason I'm for war is because everyone else in this fucking school is against it. It's not that I want to be different, exactly, it's just that I'm so sick of Bush-bashing. Okay... let's think this through: where is the evidence that Gore would ever have been able to do a better job with this, especially handling September 11th? If you have some, I'd like to see it. And do you think we wouldn't be going to war if Gore was president? How do you know? How. Tell me how, people.

I don't think we should go to war unless we are being threatened. And guess what... we are! Vietnam was a mistake, but this... is... different. It's... I don't know. A dictator issue as well. Hitler v. Saddam. Who would win? Is it moral, or even sane, to stand by passively and let someone who could be a serious threat to us as a country continue to gain power and weapons. I don't know.

I hope I don't come off as being too terribly ignorant here... though I know I probably do. I'm not really for or against war, mainly because I think we should probably go to war, but I'm not "willing to put my precious fluids on the line" for it. So... hypocrisy that I'd rather not think about. And thus, it's simply not an issue that tugs me seriously in either direction. But I think there are a lot of freedoms currently being violated, in the US and elsewhere, and if war will help to lessen these violations, then so be it. Because I'm starting to not see another logical and or viable option.

Callous, cold-hearted me.

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