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29 September 2001 @ 05:17 pm
Sometimes life is just fucking frustrating...  
I hate not knowing where things stand. That's why I hate the mail. Because I can't track it. I can't sit down and say "I know where this letter is and where this package it". Noooo-oooo. It's all guesswork. >.< I'm just shooting blind now.

Me: Whooo-hooo! *sifting through mail* Package for me!

Laguna: Yes! Is it that doujinshi? *peers over my shoulder*

Me: I dunno yet.

Squall: Don't you know who sent it?

Me: *blush* I don't remember.

Squall: *tsks* You're not very perceptive.

Me: *blushing harder* Well, we'll know once we open it.

Laguna: Yes, yes, yes! Go on, open it!

Me: *tearing the paper* Oh...

Squall: Well?

Me: *awkward pause* It's the Trigun doujin.

Squall and Laguna: Hmph.

Me: I'm sorry! >.< I thought that got mailed /after/ your doujin!

Laguna: Maybe they really did confiscate it.

Me: -___- Oh god... don't say that.
Current Mood: paranoid
Current Music: 'Lady Marmalade' again... with a Black Lady skin...