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Can you see me? Something, something, something song I really don't know.

Uh... my home computer est very very bad. It decided to do... something bad that made the Internet connection go bye-bye. So I have to restart it, but I don't want to because I'll lose stuff.

Ugh. Pep rally today. *skipskip* Haha. Car good. Now if I can just make it out of the building.

I'm still carrying around Elijah because I accidentally left him in my locker last night. And... yes. So, another day of strategic Elijah Wood mongering. I have no idea what that means. But I do know that Heart of Darkness has suddenly become more interesting now that we've met the blue-eyed, boyish, twenty-five year old, Russian explorer-type who races around fawning over Kurtz (means 'short' in German. Significant?) and wears clothes with patches sewn on that make him look like a 'harlequin'. I have just found my new favorite character. Of, like, ever. Teach Elijah to speak with a Russian accent, and that role would be his. I think. Not that they'd ever make a serious movie version of HoD (aside from Apocalypse Now, yeah, yeah... which is based on HoD. I mean one set in Africa. With a giant budget).

And we've come to the severed heads on poles. ON POLES! PO-O-O-O-O-LESSSSZZZZZ! Lovely.

Kinda sad, aren't I? If it keeps me interested... *anxiously awaits The Metamorphosis because Kafka is weird as fuck*

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