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14 February 2003 @ 02:55 pm
"When is a war a 'good war'? When the status quo is worse." - Tarek Ben Halim, as found in the Akron Beacon Journal.

And that's it. Finito. Back to the shallowness of my everyday life. I'm sorry, much of this was meant to be posted last night, but Internet went pfuh.

I bought the ugliest pair of shoes today... er... yesterday! I love them so. They're too big, but I don't care. I coveted. Gabriel Brothers rocks my socks off. Oh, but they're so ugly. Brown with little orange stripes and a funky square toe. Apparently they were designed in Italy and made in Germany. To be ugly. I adore them. I'm starting a collection of purely ugly shoes.

So, armed with my cheesy YM magazine today (yesterday), I faced the challenges of calculus (and got a 30/36, which isn't too bad). And then left the damn thing at school along with my Darren Shan book (which I have since finished). Damn. Um. Yeah. And why do people assume that I bought the mag for Orlando Bloom? *irritated* First... it was free. So I didn't buy it at all. Second... Um. Yeah. Or rather... no. Amrita pointed to the tinytiny picture of Orlando on the cover and said "You bought it for him, right?"

Me: No. *points to 'Lijah* For him.
Her: ... Oh.

Okay, so sometimes he's a dip. But he's still cute. And... really, really skinny. Kind of like Greg L. Who is either anorexic, on drugs, or having severe metabolism problems.

Speaking of dips... I am one (and so is Kitty!). Yeah. And I'm getting kind of tired of being called a lesbian by Jamie. Trueness factor ignored.

A cywydd llosgyrnog; I'm one.
"A what?" Well, quite. There'd be no fun
In being understood; I
Thrive upon obliquity.
Don't comprehend or follow me,
For mystery's my ally.
What Poetry Form Are You?
Current Mood: energetic
Current Music: They Might Be Giants - Flight of the Barking Death Squirrel
Hyzenthlaybriargate on February 14th, 2003 12:36 pm (UTC)
Elijah at the tender age of 14

I'm going to heeeeeell.
DrWorm: brightdrworm on February 14th, 2003 04:48 pm (UTC)
The pictures won't show up for me... >_> But are they the ones from the Cranberries video? Yes, he was ever-so disturbingly hot in that.

Mmm... heeeellllllllllll. I hope Mr. Satan looks like Viggo.