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Sing it with me, now...

"Stephanie... bought some kiwis and a starfruit... (bumbum) Why is it... that every time she goes to Tops... it is to buy exotic fruit... like MANGOES?!"

What? Shut up. And I also bought LotR shiny valentines. Which is stupid, as Valentine's Day is coming to a close, and I have no one to give them too. anyone want a shiny valentine? Actually, Caroline already gave me an Aragorn one, and I thought that was so sweet. We don't know each other well, but we babble about Aragorn in English class. The message on the card says "Great things are coming your way" or something and I immediately thought "Still not king..."

Sadly no one else there had seen the VSDs. Sigh.

And I bought Pet Sematary, which was arguably an extravagent waste of nine dollars, as I already have two copies. But Mr. King wrote a new intro in which he describes where the story came from. I liked it. So I bought it.

And... uh... oh! We rented Scotland PA, The Bumblebee Flies Anyway, and Black and White. I'm sure you can guess why for the last two (mmm, hell is so nice and toasty), but I've been wanting to see SPA for awhile... it's the movie based on Macbeth but set in a fast food chain restaurant. And... hee! Christopher Walken! I'm excited.

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