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16 February 2003 @ 12:07 am
Yeah... so... doing nothing...  
And doing very little constructive-type things. I saw The Hours. It was good. Makes me want to write more suicide fic, but... what doesn't? I never knew Ed Harris was such a good actor.

Watching Scotland, PA now. Well, taking a break. *sighs* I got a letter from the Six Flags people. They want samples of my caricatures by having me draw three famous people. Suggestions? Elijah will be one of them, but I'm not yet sure about Viggo. Nicole Kidman too? I want to do caricatures of people I like, and I figure I need at least one girl. Otherwise they might be like "Can you even draw girls?" Who knows. Picture suggestions are helpful too. I was thinking this one for 'Lijah, but give me a heads up if you see one you think is better.

So... I just got a comment in my shelob journal which says: "this journal is more interesting than the others." I assume they mean more interesting than the other journals I keep. Like this one.

Well. How special. That particular journal is almost nothing but idiocies that came off the top of my head and aren't even amusing for chrissakes. I just wanted the damn name. I don't know. That really bothers me. Nowhere in my job description does it say I have to be interesting or likeable to others.

And I'd rather not have my thoughts critiqued by other people. My design, my images, my writing, my art, my acting, but not my fucking thoughts. You want to judge thoughts so badly? Judge your own. Mine are mine and I'd appreciate it if you kept your greedy mitts off.

You are the Minister of Silly Walks...Dare to be different!
You are the Minister of Silly Walks

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You're Tracy Turnblatt from Hairspray! Different,
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MMMM. You're Merry's Jaw. I like!

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