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16 February 2003 @ 02:20 pm
Discworld, Darren Shan, can't stop me from being a crazed fan....girl.  
I think Miranda Otto would make a gorgeous Angua. Anyone else? And who for Susan? I want mental pictures here... *Angua/Susan bunny waves arms back and forth dramatically* I know, I know. You want to be written. Shut up, yo. I'm still trying to filter out a good Vimes/Vetinari. On the off-chance that that will ever happen.

Have decided that the fifth Darren Shan book had better be released here in the States pretty damn quick. Because VM is more like a sequeway book. And... I want more Kurda! And Arra! And Harkat, who is possibly the most darling small, ugly creature since Gaspode. And, of course, those sweet little Mr. Crepsley/Darren moments. Want those too.

Scotland PA was pretty good for the first hour or so, but kinda fell apart toward the end. We didn't see the three premonitions at all, though they were slightly alluded to. That bugged me. I thought it would have been neat to have the brand of McDuff's car be a "Birnam Wood"... thus, the Birnam Wood coming to Dunsinane. *shrugs* Whatever. The burn on Pat McBeth's hand was a neat touch, though, as a substitute for blood. And... I dunno. Most of it was pretty good, however. Enjoyed the three witches/stoners muchly. "Mac!" "Beth!" ... "Beth!" "Mac!" ... "Fleetwood!" "Mac!"

Hehe. And... yeah. I still want suggestions for whom I should draw for those caricatures. *pokes friends* Give to me the input o' doom. Please?
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Current Music: They Might Be Giants - 88 Lines About 44 Women
Glinda the Good: Officially!priscellie on February 16th, 2003 04:25 pm (UTC)
You're right. When Eowyn was taking out her sword, right before her conversation with Aragorn about "the cage", I felt strong Angua vibes. *nods*
Mimmimine on February 17th, 2003 05:53 am (UTC)
I didn't think of Angua at all when I was seeing Miranda Otto, to be honest but that doesn't mean she wouldn't be great.

No clue on Susan... That's a tough one. I can tell you who I definitely don't want to see and that is Gwyneth Paltrow or Christina Ricci or several other actresses whose names have been coming up. I would consider Nicole Kidman but she is too old for the part... Kirsten Dunst maybe?

*feeds your Discworld slash bunnies*