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GIP... because now I know what it means!

And since this is all thanks to psychobarfly, I decided to make her an icon prezzie. Which I hope she likes. Because... well, only a few people are going to 'get' this one. And if you understand both references, I will be so proud of you.

Yes, both.

Think British comedians... and... why this strikes me as being so funny is beyond my comprehension.

Anyway... other icons. Um... today was Elwood icon day, I suppose.

For 'Like a Magnet', though the larger file version is far prettier. I don't think Elijah's ever been in the psych ward, but I have and... well, whatever. It pleases me. Partly for a fic, partly to be offensive, and partly because you know I like it.

Pretty. It must be a sin somewhere to take a still from one band's music video and add lyrics from another band's song. That being said, these are from Colorfinger's 'The Gay Bar Song'. Because Robert Frost is obtuse. :D Right, Sarah? My brain has melted. Because sometimes it is...

*pokes* Suggestions, people?

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