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Quote from a very silly review of Pet Sematary

"A nice and handsome young man named Victor Pascow, the only ZomBiE who has posed nude for Playgirl, walks around the entire film with his smile in tact, his charm in view, and his brain hanging out the side of his head."

*perks up* Really? Playgirl? ... or is this guy just yankin' my chain? *suspects chain yankage* Sigh.

I could use some Pet Sematary screencaps, yo. As not being able to find any pictures of this man is becoming increasingly annoying. *is now combing through Dale Midkiff pages to see whether there are any pictures of the two together. Le sigh*

Viggo caps from The Prophesy would be nice too. Since I seem to be incredibly incapable of finding these things on my own.

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