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Best thing ever (no exceptions)

I have to coax lulu into letting Snape be really and truly bastard-ish to poor Remus. Because it was... too nice. And I was like... "Um... your bits are nice and mine are mean, what to do?" and she went "Ahhh!" and wrote new bit and it was so perfectly nasty that I almost squee-ed myself off the chair. Whee.

He asked for it, dammit. "Pretend..." Remus began to lick at Snape's jaw, bathing it in warm saliva, "Pretend you're going to rape me."

And, to follow that enticing image, how about a character apology meme?

Dear Remus,

I'm sorry for making you a self-mutilator, a rape victim, a sadist, and an art critic. I'm deeply sorry for the injury you sustained in "Something's Gonna Give". I'm sorry for making you the object of Harry's violent lust and putting you in such a precarious position. I'm even sorry for the under-developed bunny I have wherein you accidentally disembowel yourself. I torture because I love.

Dear Sirius,

I'm really not sorry. I hate you more than I've hated any other character.

Dear Harry,

I'm sorry for giving you rape fantasies, for making you almost dead, for subjecting you to a near-miss with Remus' claws, and for never giving you the chance you deserve with Ronnie-kins. What can I say? I'm selfish and so is Remus.

Dear James,

Sorry for making you be the anchor for Remus' mental instability and for making you question your sexuality. All in good fun. Especially since you're... uh... kinda dead.

Dear Pietro,

I'm sorry for making you a self-mutilator, a drug addict, and an orator of sexual poetry. Also sorry for breaking your arm and making you run in slippery conditions. Oh yeah... sorry I bumped you off too.

Dear Lance,

Sorry for, y'know, capitalizing on those headaches and for making you out to be a bit more angsty and intelligent then you really are. Oh yeah... and sorry for bumping off Pietro.

Dear Scott and Kurt,

Sorry you guys never got a chance for that none-too-angst-laden fuckfest.

Dear Jean,

I'm sorry I've never written about you. I actually rather like you with Tabby or Wanda.

Dear Elijah,

I'm sorry for all the angst I've put you through, for making you sing many religious songs and even quote scripture, for comparing your eyes to that of roadkill, and for making you put that cigarette out on your wrist. Maybe even for killing you in a plane crash. Who knows? And who knows what I'll be sorry for in the future? (Self-mutilation, rape, drug abuse, pseudo-pedophilia, and gratuitous snogging are all par for the course. You know. The usual kinkiness.)

Dear Viggo,

Sorry for allowing Elijah to pretty much drape you in angst. Also sorry for making you sing the first lines of "Lola" by The Kinks. It was cute though. Hopefully, I shall spare you ever having to shag Orlando. Don't worry, others will take care of that for me.

Dear Dominic,

Sorry for making you kiss Elijah's dirty neck.

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*blink* Is that Al Gore? *dies laughing*

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