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Lalala..."The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of..."

Heehee...hello! The title of this journal comes from my Zero-chan...whose computer apparently broke >.< Yucky! Now I have to wait for her to get a new/fixed one and come back to me! I miss you Zeeeerrrrooooo! ^______^ I loooove you! I'm no longer stalking you!
So, what I'm actually doing is taking a short break from a coloring expedition in Photoshop >.< Bleeearrrgh. I suck. Well, no...today I seem to be sucking substantially less. I have my kitty Vash colored and next I have to start my kitty Wolfwood. Noo...don't wanna >.< I want him to be colored by himself. I'm tired ::whines:: And my head hurts and I wanna go hooo-oome.
Oh wait. I am home. Dammit.
Hmmm...my stomach hurts a little. I'm having eating issues lately. Eating too much because there's actually food in the house (wonder of wonders). Must stop, because then I feel all sick and unhappy.
So...lessee...today we took all three of our cats to the vet's. Yup...three. We have three cats. Izit, Sputnik, and Greebo (the new baby kitty). Greebo is very calm and has almost no problem with the vet's, Sputnik is slightly less calm and very slowly tries to crawl away when he thinks the doctor isn't paying attention (really), and Izit goes schizo and attacks me trying to get away. She also gets carsick and begins to foam at the mouth. She does not like going to the vet's even though she got one little shot and was handled for less than five minutes by someone other than me or my father. The big baby.
But they're all healthy and, as a bonus, I got to see a dog with two different colored eyes (a brown one and a green one). I thought that was kinda cool. And everyone was commenting on how adorable Greebo is and calling him a she (he's a HE!). He does kinda look like a she; he's so delicate. He gained about a pound since we took him to the vet's three weeks ago...he's becoming a big kitty just like Izit and Sputnik. Sput's almost ten pounds, Izit's gotta be about twelve (they'd didn't even try to get her on the scale), and Greebo is about 4 and a half. Sput's all fur, he really is >.< They're all shedding all over the place.
Can you tell I love my cats? I really do...hell, I let Izit drink my water (most of the time -___-).
So...hm...play tonight. Yippeekiyaiaaaa....get me out. I got to talk to Ryan a little yesterday ^_____^ He was in show choir in high school! Even though he says he can't sing...the teacher just liked him a lot. That's ok...heh...I can't sing either, but the teacher doesn't like me so I'm usually in the sucky choir. Bah...next year I'm in women's advanced choir. I hope we do well. I'm dying to be in a good choir.
Oh! And I found a Vash action figure down at the comic shop...um...downtown ^^;; I made Ani come with me and she saw it first and said, "Hey! Isn't that the guy you're always drawing?" I picked it up and it was! Vash! With Kuronekosama! But it was $15 and I only had $10...so I couldn't buy it then and there. I'm going back later, though...yea! Still don't have the first DVD...but that's ok. I won't have enough money to buy it soon because the comic shop also had the second 'Adolf' book! I love Osamu Tezuka's work... ^^ I'm trying to convince my dad that it's good (since he's all into WWII anyway) but he's kind "Ehhh..." about it. Oh well. I couldn't get him to read the Black Jack books! Sheesh...talk about a lack in taste... -_-;;
Ok...that be enough babbling.

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