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23 February 2003 @ 09:16 pm
Oooh, lookit Viggo. I couldn't resist.

Also, gratuitous art.

Still trying to decide how much I like this. I started it in oekaki, but had to finish it in Photoshop when my browser shut down on me. *sob* And I took great pains to make it look all... paintedly. Yeah. Right. Exactly. My father's words, "Wow! It's nice! ... what is it?"

I... um... yeah. Frodo/Aragorn all for meeeeeeee. Frodo-nipple is the best part, I think. Niptacular.
Current Mood: artistic
Current Music: Nirvana - You Know You're Right
Jakezeblith on February 23rd, 2003 07:24 pm (UTC)
The one of Viggo is absolutely wonderful, that's spectacular talent, I really like it:D
DrWorm: squallxlagunadrworm on February 23rd, 2003 09:08 pm (UTC)
Re: Amazing!
Thank you very much! Dunno about 'spectacular talent', but I rather enjoy looking at it. ^____^
Sycoraxsycoraxthewitch on February 23rd, 2003 08:25 pm (UTC)
Ooooh, I like blue. ^___^
His clothes look great and the light/shadow are beautifully done. It is a very dream-like pic. I love it!

As I have already commented on the Frodo/Aragorn pic I will not do so here ...but Aragorn's hands are still my favorite parts.

(sorry for the bad grammar/spelling/other stuff in this little comment... I am tired. ^__^)
DrWorm: squallxlagunadrworm on February 23rd, 2003 09:11 pm (UTC)
I like blue too. ^^ I was trying to decide what would be a good color palette to use and started inverting on the applet and came up with this nice midnight scheme. A little less cliche than the red fires of hell, I hoped.

And yes... hands! I love hands. Drawing hands, looking at hands. I don't care what a pain they are. They still make me happy.

Thank you so much for the comments... all the comments. *happyhappy*
Psychodelic Barfly: Hermione -- I'm Not Drugged I Swear!psychobarfly on February 23rd, 2003 09:29 pm (UTC)
Homeless pigeons! *lurve*