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Emily Dickinson made my day and she doesn't even know it.

In English class we read this poem. And I was struck by how beautiful it was, how simple, how detached, how amazing.

And then the meaning clicked fully in my head.

Maybe I just have Pet Sematary on the brain after last night, but this... oh, it'd make a great little Victor/Louis. Mmmm.

'Twas warm -- at first -- like Us --
Until there crept upon
A Chill -- like frost upon a Glass --
Till all the scene -- be gone.

The Forehead copied Stone --
The Fingers grew too cold
To ache -- and like a Skater's Brook --
The busy eyes -- congealed --

It straightened -- that was all --
It crowded Cold to Cold --
It multiplied indifference --
As Pride were all it could --

And even when with Cords --
'Twas lowered, like a Weight --
It made no Signal, nor demurred,
But dropped like Adamant.

Yeah. I might have to write that.

Can I issue a challenge to fic writers? Write something based on or structured around a classical poem by a respected author. Not a song, but a poem. Any author, any poem, any series, any pairing (or lack thereof). I'd just like to see it in action more often, you know? I've done maybe... two other fics like this: "The Flea" and "Like a Magnet" were both structured around poetry and spoken word. (Unless you want to count the God-fics as well). So... *puppy-dog eyes* Someone? Please? I'll love you if you do.

If you actually write it, I'll do an illustration for it. There... incentive. Not great incentive, but at least it's something. *wuv*

Hi MOMMY! Don'tcha just love your daughter?

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