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I'm so tired!!!

Hence this new icon. Had to get rid of my Remus!Sigh in order to use it, though, which is a bit sad. *waaaaant permanent account* I ought to join the icon addicts community. Because I am.

He looks like a kitty! Look! Look! Kitty! *far too pleased*

I have an abominable case of senioritis. Seriously awful. I mean, I've always been deplorably lazy but now... it's morphed into downright apathy. I actually don't mind going to school in the morning, it's the work that I can't stand. See? Lazy.

God, today was surreal. Saw a car accident happen this morning. For a moment I was just shocked, hands over mouth, that sort of thing. Then the one guy gets out of his car and starts to pick up the pieces of the front of this woman's car... and I started laaaaaauuuughing. It's not really that funny. But I was dying at the time. Besides, it was only fender-benderish. I don't think anyone was hurt. That would have been a different story.

And the rest of the day has followed in a similar vein. Like watching an accident happen in slow motion. *shrugs and goes to look for some slashy porn*

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