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Oh man...

My bad attitude does not even begin to compare with this kid. *frustration* I was panel leader for a discussion in my Public Speaking class and he was a panelist. And, yeah. I blew him off and rightly so. Because he thought that high school should have no attendance policy, i.e. a college-like open campus.

Now, okay. I was a little bitchy about it, mostly because he didn't have any really good points. He wants a policy that would benefit him and only him, and that was his only point. Let's completely ignore liability issues for minors! Come to class when you like! Sorry, that's not going to happen in America. I'm not saying it's a good policy, I'm not saying this structure is good, but come on. Can we possibly work within the basis of reality?

Basic point: naturally smart people should be able to not come to class and use their God-given advantages to coast through the public schools.

EHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Or not. Sorry, but that is disgustingly unfair. Not to mention completely impractical. And life may not be fair, but I don't think that should always be an excuse. I hate how people will be in favor of something unfair, but that benefits them. Seriously. And I experience this too, in the smallest ways. Senior v. freshman, male v. female, gay v. straight. And everytime I feel it happening, I try to step back and ask myself, not what makes me happier, but what's really fair. To everyone. (Which, admittedly, I did not do this particular time. But I was irritated. And not actually being benefitted much.)

And then, once he felt that he'd been 'blown off' by me (when, frankly, he got his damn idea out just like everyone else and that was more than enough) he got up from the panelist table and sat down with the rest of the class. Sorry, but that is the most immature thing ever. I've done it myself, once or twice, but it's fucking immature. If he really wanted to make some sort of point, he would have stayed up and toughed it out. >___> Why are these people all such children? Aaargh! I didn't have my way, so now I'll go cry about it. Yeah, that's going to make me take you seriously.

I like perfecting my ice bitchiness.

I'm trying. You, sir... are not. And I'm afraid that I will be biased against someone I can't stand. So there.

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