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So... I am a complete and utter failure...

Did you know that to integrate (or maybe find the derivative. I think this just cements my failure) e to a power, you have to multiply the derivative of the exponent by the original function?

Yes. This means that I failed my math quiz. One of them. I'm holding out hope for the second.

I want to draw. I'm feeling very positive about the Frodo picture I'm doing for the 5000 hits happy picture. It's more of a challenge for me because it involves three different depths: Ring in foreground, Frodo's hand, and then Frodo's face. :D I get to try to make the Ring look out of focus! Go me! Maybe. I'm liking Painter more and more, despite the fact that I still can't find an eraser. >__>

Um... actually becoming active in lulu's HP RPG. As Remus. Duh. And I've commandeered Oliver as well. So now... we need... Percy. Or Marcus. *hops up and down with the slash-happy* Another journal layout to play about with! And I'm still making Remus icons, so that's keeping me busy.

Awwww... shit. I have to do my art homework tonight. Damn.

Semper est semper semper. I think that's just nonsense. Always is always always.

Semper ubi sub ubi. Which is just a bad joke.

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