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13 March 2003 @ 06:30 pm
No, wait. Don't. Well, don't touch me. Because... ewwwwwww. Yucky other people.

Which member of the Homestar Runner gang are you?

:D But of course! "The Cheat... is grounded!"

This song has inspired a smarmy, but actually maybe possibly in character Frodo/Sam... thing. Mmmm. It smells so good that I really want to write it, yo. I mean... really.

Speaking of fics... (oh, were we?) read this. If, of course, you can stomach Harry Potter, incest, homosexuality, AND necrophilia. Oh boy. But it's good. Really good. I admire this person for being able to write something so positively disgusting and write it well.

Guess how I found it? Yes, through fandom_wank. Proving that they may be good for something. Possibly.

Tarot Cards
Six of Hypochondriacs
The Kitty yawns. You are not interesting.
Divinatory Meanings: The future will be boring. The past has been boring. The future will be boring. The future will be repetitive. The present will be boring. And sleepy. Very sleepy. But this can all be cured with homosexual pornography, angst, and Kitty petting.
Reversed: The angst is all-consuming. Submit to the will of randomness and OTP (Obscure-Type Pairings).
Super!Cool Message to Super!Cool people: By reading this, you hearby consent to be my slave for the rest of (my) life. I mean it. Get your ass over here and clean my room.

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