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Three very simple words...




I am so frustrated! Why can't I just do something simple? Like my art homework?

*me trying to do my art homework* Ladeeda... okay... gonna sit down and do this now... here I go. Wait! It'd work better if I had the drawing board! *goes downstairs to get drawing board* Hey... that thing in N&A said I don't get enough fruits or dairy. I could have an apple and a cheese sandwich! Okay! *gets food; eats* Okay... now I'm really going to start. I'm going to--hey! My toenails are really long! I'd better cut them! *cuts and then manages to draw for fifteen minutes* Hey... what was that part in Pet Sematary where he said...? *must look up what he said*

And then I'm distracted for another twenty minutes until I can tell myself to do a little bit more work. *does a little bit more*

*is distracted AGAIN, and this journal entry is proof*

AHH! Why can't I just DO THIS?????? >____>

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