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My reduction is so awesome.

I rule. I may never get anything done, but oh... I still rule. *ego trip goes to France* Lalalalalala...

So... Mrs. Costa gave me a t-shirt that apparently Mr. Rutsky gave to her to give to me bcause I helped turn on the auditorium lights during the wrestling assembly when they had completely forgotten to and people were filing in in the dark. *breathes* I'm thinking about drawing a letter on it (like on a letterman's jacket) and on the back (where the name of the sport you lettered in would normally go) write the words "LIGHTSWITCH OPERATION"... I lettered in turning on the lights! *bouncebounce*

Okay, that was Keely's idea. Basically. But, oh... it's a good one.

Oil pastels are the epitome of all things evil in this world, because they look so very good... sometimes. And are messy, messy, messy (but not as bad as chalk, which never looks very good anyway).

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