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Nobody's written any fic for Willard, right? Has anyone?

Okay... well, my newest mission is getting that boy laid. *nods* With plenty of angst, of course. With or without the help of rats. *nods some more whilst grinning evilly*

I want to see it again... *whines* Favorite scene? Him in the elevator shaft as it rises and the rats just pour off of him. Mmm, Crispin Glover. Close second favorite is him crying and biting his hands while Mr. Martin did THE VERY BAD THING. Sad. But he suffers far too beautifully. Least favorite scene? Cat death. >___< It just went on and on and I sat there with my hands over my mouth.

Mmmph. Some Frodo/Sam would also be nice right about now. And it'd be really nice if magic fairies finished my art homework for me.

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