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Er... yeah...

I kept Frodo. Who will you keep?

Apparently I would sacrifice love, happiness, family, and honor before knowledge. And pretty hobbits with large eyes.

So, um. Right. Am obsessing about newest contrelamontre challenge. Since I have a strange little Socrates/Willard/Ben triangle thingy bouncing around in my head. That's right. A LOVE TRIANGLE. Sort of. Wherein two of the triangle-ees are rats. Mmm. Is Socrates male or female? Anyone know? I would assume male, buuuuuuuuuut...

It's all about the ratpr0n. FIGHT A DUEL FOR HIS LOVE! *wibble*

Well, it pleases me. Add to it a (hopefully) short Willard!Abuse fic, and I'd say I have exhausted all my creativity in ruining that particular fandom. Next on the agenda is molesting Crispin Glover. Mwahahaha.

What's Your Style Of Fighting Wit?

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