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You know it's time to stop reading NC-17 fanfic when...

You begin pulling pseudo-sexual roles into Waiting for Godot. >__< Nurk.

I'm hungry and dizzy and Kevin's voice is so irritating. What he's saying isn't all that great either. Hmmph. See, there's a reason why I do not like to bring up the topic of the US as a world peacekeeper. It simply highlights how little regard I have for my fellow man, how compassionate I am not, and how awful a person I am. Just because I think that it's not our business 99% of the time and that we should just fuck off.

Oh, I can't wait to go to Europe and have rotten tomatoes thrown at me. It's not my fault! I don't make the choices! For all this talk about participatory government, has anyone ever realized just who in this country has the power? Sometimes... sometimes I wonder. That's all.

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