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Update from Italy!

Must go quickly, as am paying exorbitant fees to use hotel computer. Hehe... bad.

Italy is lovely. Even if I did just spend a precious moment looking for the question mark on this keyboard. (Just found it. Whoops.)

Ah... plane ride was interesting. Got no sleep but remained... er... basically awake. Food is great in Italy! First time I've willingly eaten spinach in my life.

Am currently in Sorrento. Pretty hotel. Pretty everything. I am convinced that everything the Europeans do, they do better than Americans. Sigh.

Went to Capri today and hiked for forty minutes up a mountain. Ouch. Visited the Villa Jovis, where Roman Emperor Tiberius used to watch people having sex and then toss them off the cliffs. Obviously the high point of my day, hearing about that. Bought Prisoner of Azkaban in Italian (and can actually understand a fair bit of it). Am also trying to find the Vogue with the very strange pictures of Elijah in it...? Have yet to find anything of the sort, but am continuing my dogged pursuit. Also bought LotR stickers aaaaand a SamnFrodo bookmark with a little ONE RING attached. It actually fits on my pinky, which is cool.

Will be in Rome... um... by Sunday perhaps? Oh, also visited Blue Grotto. Um... accidentally helped Beth to lose her wallet in the water. Oopsie.

Must go before I got completely broke! Leave me messages, so I can be halfway constructive when I get on the compy! :D Love me! (And many thanks to those who already do...)

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