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25 March 2003 @ 04:14 pm
I have blisters on my feet. Is bad. Is painful.

Saw the Sistine Chapel. Verrrrrrrrrrry pretty. Amazing. Breathtaking. Church of St. Peter too. Nice. However, stupid Philips had to ruin it by being all... ickity and... I dunno. Sort of sexual. But not. To me. Made me blush. >_> Stupid man.

Aaaarrrrgh... feeling out of the online loop! I went to look at my friends page and I have nooooo clue what's going on. *cries*

It is Vogue that Elijah was in, right? Er... yeah. Maybe it was the February issue? *still looking, not finding* Oh well. Bah. I have many, many, many other things to keep me occupied.

Pieta (I think). My new favorite word. Art that shows people suffering. We saw a statue by Michaelangelo with Mary and Jesus and it looked like (oh, brace yourselves for this) Saw holding Frodo in that picture from RotK... after Shelob?

No! It reeeaaaaaally looks like that. Made me think of it. Frodo as a Christ-figure. It freaks me out. But also makes perfect sense to me. I don't know why.

I'm going now to... shop. Some more. I think.
Current Mood: optimistic