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What... the... fuck?

Ten hours on a plane is not good for my conversation ability. Nor my typing ability. Shit. *goes back and deletes* Yaaaaaaaaaaaargh. However, it does give me ample time to make up dirty scenarios in my head. Mmmm. The only ones I seem to remember, however, are an Aragorn/Young!Frodo, a DomLijahDan, and a very odd Crispin Glover/Adrien Brody. It was late, I was tired. Oh, and an Elijah/Adrien one wherein Elijah gets airsick (it was a bumpy landing... for me, I mean).

But, yes. I'm home. I slept for forever. I already miss some people (Jenna, Trevor, Julia, Elise, John) but am managing not to miss quite a few others. It's okay.

Dad wants me to run out to the license bureau and get my address changed. Somehow, I don't see that happening. Not today, anyway.

Fuck. I have a very mucous-y cough right now. Not cool, yo. Not cool at all.

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