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The sun is a mass of incandescent gas...

I had a dream wherein we resurrected Jesus Christ so he could work as a waiter and then we had to go on some sort of weird quest to prove he was really Jesus and... and...

Ugh. I feel like I'm going to puke. Not because of the Jesus dream, which was quite fun. *cries* I was fine while in Italy and now I'm just sick. And I have to go to the school to do work tomorrow and that just blows. If I have to take another hour-long nap in the catwalk again, I'm'a gonna kill someone.

*passed out on the floor* Nurg. And I can't find the Latin word for rape that is not 'raptus.' Dammit. I know there's another word. I think I know. It starts with an S. Stupid crap dictionary. I'm stealing one of the school dictionaries that has words like "Phui" in it.

Please don't ask why I want it. No, go ahead and ask. Then I'll tell you and you'll look at me and think "You're weird." Or you'll think "Well, that's just mean."

I'm going to start taking Adderall tomorrow. God help us all if I actually become productive.

Neko chan, Neko chan
You're a Neko, japanese for cat. You have the
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get the closer you are to becoming human! Oh,
let's not forget your power to control the
dead!!! You're like the feline version of a
fox, but you're a lot less likely to be nice to
those filthy humans. Oh, but don't let them cut
off your tail! If you do, then you lose your
power and just become a regular cat... With no

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