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"Lalalalalala... uh? Huh? Oh... what? Fuck off!"

Just because you're profane doesn't mean you're not
hilarious. You're the unique kind of joke
people remember for a long time.

Which Eddie Izzard Joke Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Because jokes about squirrels fucking rule. Guess what shirt I'm wearing right now? Yup... "I TALK TO SQUIRRELS CHIKOO CHIKOO CHIKOO"

I'm gonna get paid... *does a jig* The lights for this play are so easy it's disgusting. And no sound effects.

I just blanked out for a sec there. Whoa.

"Uber" isn't Internet slang, dammit. It's German. I wanted to start throwing out some of the more ubiquitous and hardcore slangish terms at this chick to see if she'd get them. "What is slash? Domlijah? Squee? Pr0n? 1x2? Fandom_wank? T00b? Bishie? OTP? GIP?"

Yeah. So there. *is being really dumb so please ignore*

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