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01 April 2003 @ 06:54 am
Unless someone was teasin' me... >__>

So, last night my daddy hands me the newspaper folded open to a certain page. I look and go, "What?" He points to a picture, "Eddie Izzard." I squeal. "It is! It's Eddie!" And my father says, "Looking much more straight than usual."

Sometimes he surprises me. Pleasantly. Another example: I was talking about Michael Moore and how, out of what I read of Stupid White Men, I agreed with some and vehemently disagreed with the rest. And my father says, unobtrusively, "What I thought upon hearing that title was that it's good that he's writing from the inside."

That took me a minute to get, but it was well worth it. I have yet to hear a lot of outright criticism for Michael Moore. And I'd really like to.

In N&A she was asking us what our favorite sports were. So I say under my breath "Recreational sex." This may explain why I'm still getting a B in that class.

ratpr0n is fully functional, by the way.
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Mimmimine on April 1st, 2003 08:06 am (UTC)
I'm against the war and Bush isn't one of my favourite people right now but I didn't like what Michael Moore did at the Oscars. I much preferred Pedro Almodovar's statement (because I just adore Pedro, period, and the Oscar to him was an extremely pleasant surprise. Same with the Oscar to Polanski, I was squealing in delight). I also liked what Adrian Brody said about a swift resolution.

Moore was obnoxious, I guess he believes it is his right but yelling "Shame on you Mr Bush"... I'm not surprised the people who had gotten up to applaud him looked so embarrassed. I wouldn't have booed him but there's no way I would have applauded, either. He hurt his cause with that speech.

As for the rest...Shame on Susan Sarrandon for not protesting even a little bit. And Nicole Kidman with all that crap about her art. And to the Academy for robbing U2...Poor Bono... he must have rehearsed his anti-war speech time and again and Eminem got the Oscar right under his nose...

Sorry, a friend taped the Oscars for me and only managed to watch the ceremony this weekend so I'm a bit excited.