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I... um... caaaallllllllllmmnmmmm

Meeee... caaaalllllmmmmmm. Heehee. So much to do, but eh. Tired. Tired of cynics. Not pessimists, cynics.


So many Willard fic ideas. *pleased* And I may have tricked Keely into coming and seeing it with me again. If it's still playing. And I got invited to see Chicago.

AND today I have to go to a caricature drawing training session. In Chagrin Falls. >___> Far away. Crappy. But if it means I can get a) art critique and b) a job, I would really like to try to do it.

And next Saturday, I think I'm going down to Columbus to present my portfolio to CCAD. They are so... picky though. I'd rather send slides, but nooooooooooo. They want to see originals.


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