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I don't know why I'm posting again. I don't have much to say. We went outside in English and gossiped...er, read, I mean. I'm bored. I drew Willard today in math class. It's bad.

I have red clay underneath my nails. I'm making a wolfie face, apparently.

Socrates/Willard- The way Crispin Glover says "Tear it... tear it up" sounds so throaty and sexual that I'm changing that command to "Lick it... lick it up." :D Use your imagination for the rest, mm?

Abused!Willard- Probably not so violent and extreme as you think. Mr. Martin has a slight obsession with his friend's unusual son.

Abused!Willard II- The sequel! Mr. Martin tries to deal with a friend and partner he has begun to hate and his partner's son, who is suddenly fully grown and working in his department. This one is forming in my mind as being a little more extreme.

I also want Frodo/Sam, Frodo/Aragorn, Elijah/Viggo, Dom/Elijah, and some sort of plausible idea for dark LotR fic. Myyyyyyy braaaaaaain.

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