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Busy life, busy life...

Tired me, tired me... But for once it's a good kind of tired. I feel like I have a handle on things suddenly. I feel like I'm accomplishing things. Like... I did my math homework today. Two whole pages of it. And I actually did it. *very rare* And in art I started doing a clay sculpture, and I worked on it the whole time without getting bored or distracted. *also very rare* Then I went to the caricature-drawing training session and only started to get bored in the last half-hour. Amazing, considering the previous two and a half were spent drawing caricatures of every other person in the room.

My hand was tired. And I now have a homework assignment for next week to draw five celebrities. I have decided upon Elijah Wood, Crispin Glover, and Nicole Kidman, but may scout around for the other two. Mmm... there are some decent people in that "class." Some not so decent too. But overall not bad. The guy asked me whether I like anime. >___< I said I used to and he said he could tell. In the picture he was looking at, maybe, but almost all of mine were very toned down in that stylistic aspect. Oh well. I have another four fucking weeks to work on it.

And apparently the pay is based on commission. Which can be good or bad. *sighs* The prospect of earning a couple hundred dollars a day is tempting, but I'm an awful salesperson.

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