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Damn, I'm dumb...

Forgot watches, forgot pills, forgot a pad (yes, ewwww... :P), forgot good pencils in my little bag. Nyet, nyet, nyet. Still tired and unbelievably... mellowed. I mellowed out, yo. Ask me anything. As mommy said "They could drop a bomb on us right now, and I wouldn't care."

Well, maybe it's not that bad. But close. Kevin said yesterday (in response to my criticism of his behavior) "Why listen to anything she says? She would have let Germany conquer all of Europe!" And in response to that delightful (and inaccurate) insult, I simply lifted my middle finger in salute. Said Mrs. C, "Was that a friendly finger?"

Said I: "No."

Now my hands smell like onions. I taste onion. I haven't eaten any onions, but I spent an entire period chopping them up. >___< Ugh. I couldn't open my eyes! They burrrrrrrrrrnnnnned!

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