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Oh, er... bandwagon.

Which fandom really turns you on?

Willard is the current captivator of all of my immediate attention.

In your favorite fandom(s), which pairings really turn you on?

Hmmm... listed in order of preference...

Willard: Willard/Socrates, Socrates/Willard/Ben
LotR: Frodo/Aragorn, Frodo/Sam
LotR RPS: Elijah/Viggo, Dom/Elijah, Miranda Otto/Liv Tyler
RPS in general (some of which I just made up): Dan Radcliffe/Elijah Wood, Crispin Glover/Elijah Wood, Adrien Brody/Elijah Wood, Crispin Glover/Adrien Brody, Dan Radcliffe/Tom Felton.
Harry Potter: Remus/Harry, Remus/James, Remus/Snape
X-Men: Evo: Lance/Pietro, Scott/Kurt, Wanda/Jean, Jean/Tabby, Pietro/Wanda

What type of story (mush, angst, h/c, bdsm, etc) really turns you on?

Angst, drama, hurt/comfort, hurt/no comfort, no happy ending... just add in all the ones like that.

Does any type of pairing (het, slash, incest) really turn you on more?

Slash. Slashy incest. Het incest.

Do any characters really turn you on?

Willard, Remus, and Frodo are currently the forerunners.

Any other turn ons?

Non-consensual sex, child abuse, rape fantasies, self-mutilation, BDSM, extreme gore, incest, age differences, underage sex (statuatory rape), torture, drug use, bestiality (under certain circumstances), necrophilia (in small doses), twincest, extreme possessiveness, power play, complete psychos, OneRing!Sex. Er... if I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

Anything you'd like to add about turn ons?

Ah... not all my turn-ons are things that really gear me up sexually. Like, I don't "get off" on child abuse exactly, I just... like it. It's sort of hard to explain. It's a non-sexual turn on, if that makes sense.

Which fandom squicks you?

Cats, Invader Zim (sometimes), anything iconic from my childhood (My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Baby-Sitter's Club, etc), Chicken Run, Friends... hmmm. I could probably go on for awhile. Eh...

In your favorite fandom(s), which pairings squick you?

If it's het, I probably dislike it. Let's just put it at that. Also... if it has any incarnation of Orlando Bloom in it. Also, while I do tolerate Harry/Draco (especially when well-written), I damn well don't like it much.

What type of story (lemon, torture, etc.) squicks you?

In general, mushiness, mpreg, and long, drawn-out angst squick me. There are always exceptions. I'm also turned off by very long stories. >__> I have the attention span of a fucking gnat, people.

Does any type of pairing (het, slash, incest) squick you? If so, what?

Het, generally, unless it's incestuous or Lolita-ish. And bestiality when there isn't an emotional closeness between the person and the animal. Willard/Socrates is okay... there's a lot of love there. Or Remus in wolf form is okay, because he's still Remus. Otherwise... ick, no thanks. But I'll read just about everything else.

Do any characters squick you?

... Gimli. Meh. And Dobby! And Mr. Martin, but in a good squicky way...

Any other squicks?

*thinks* No.

Any other thoughts to add on squicks?

If it's not a squick or a turn on, then I'm just ambivalent about it. As in "I don't care, do what you like, it's not badly written, I'll read it and maybe enjoy it" sort of thing. Blah.

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