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In case you haven't figured it out yet...

You will be seeing this icon quite frequently from now on. Aren't you sooooo lucky? Though I've determined that it's misleading; my fandom doesn't just support ratpr0n. My fandom is ratpr0n. Strike that... my canon is ratpr0n. Narf.

I was thinking about pretty male actors who can take really intense, ugly emotional pain and make it so awful that it's absolutely beautiful. I can think of three so far:

Elijah Wood- Not for the crying, as you might expect from me, but for that fierce anger toward Sam in TTT. I mean, damn. The emotion is so incredibly ugly that he suddenly becomes gorgeous. Not that that statement makes any sense.

Daniel Craig- In Road to Perdition when Paul Newman is thwapping him on the back and he's just sobbing. So ugly. But it's just so forceful and powerful. (There's something about seeing grown male characters break down that just shocks me into this mindset of beautiful/ugly.)

Crispin Glover- I am very rarely skeeved out when watching movies. You can show me almost anything, and I won't bat an eyelash. The last movie where I was really, really uncomfortable was Summer of Sam, due to the incredible porniness of it and the fact that I saw it with my father. But during Willard? At least three completely different scenes where I wanted to jump up and run out of the theatre (funeral scene after Cathryn leaves, study scene where he puts on his father's glasses and then pushes the knife against his wrist, and Socrates' death scene). And all of my discomfort had to do with the way Willard reacted, not the situations themselves (though suicide and suicide contemplation often make me very uncomfortable, obviously). Again, he's not pretty when he's crying or screeching. In fact, I'm not sure Crispin Glover is ever pretty. But the emotion makes him so gorgeous in my eyes.

If anyone else has an actor to add, please do. I'm starting to enjoy this little list.

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