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So uncool...

Didn't make Pops. Was there ever any doubt? Awful. I sounded awful. Which is sad, because I really can sing. And sing well. I'm sure Mrs. C., however, wonders why in the world I'm in Choralworks. Christ, that key was difficult. Right at the spot where my voice breaks between chest and head. *vomits* Like a frog, it was.

I have caricature drawing tonight. More vomiting. Weeping. Stupid, stupid, no-talent me. Got four out of five caricatures done. Crispin is the best, I think (even if I did wrinkle it in my backpack), and if they try to steal it from me, I'll scream and whine. Also did Catherine Zeta-Jones, Nicole Kidman, and Adrien Brody. Still need to do one more. I'm running out of pens though. And taking far too long to draw them. Fifteen minutes per caricature=bad. Mrs. A. is furious with me for drawing them during art class. I mean, how dare I actually learn something while I'm supposed to be working? My portfolio is shot, anyway. Give it a rest.

*sobwhine* Math. I... christ. So unhappy and overwhelmed. Dad had left a book on psychology open to a page on avoidance learning. Yeah. That was a transparent hint. It's exactly what I do...

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