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Mmm, yes... well.

You ever want to tell people to fuck off? I mean, my god. Kids are so nosy. And immature adults. Nosy. Mature people don't give a damn what you're doing or why, unless it disrupts them in some way.

When you hear a comment like "Sex is gross" out of someone your age, you realize just how young some people really are. Hello? Have you hit puberty yet?

Saw Spinal Tap last night. Dude... that movie rawks. And I finally know where the joke about having an armadillo in your pants comes from. I'm so pleased. Heehee, Christopher Guest and Gumby. Hysterical and cute as all get out.

I did another Crispin Glover caricature that I really like. And... I'm right here... so I suppose I'll scan it just to show off my M4D 5K1LLZ.

I'm very disappointed in my Anarchy t-shirt. No reaction whatsoever. From anyone. Apparently to rile people up in this country you have to wear something promoting peace. Heh. I love America.


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