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Took something resembling senior pictures today. Er... Christ. But I hate how I always managed to look unkempt. Even when I'm trying so hard to look kempt. Really, I am. Yet I always look like I just stepped out of a wind tunnel. It's so unfair.

... at least my kitty loves me. That's all that really matters. Fuck other people. I mean this. And fuck appearances. "I am not beautiful and never was. And I know it."

Bought River's Edge and rented Back to the Future, so tomorrow I'll get an immense Crispin fix. If I'm lucky. Oh happy joy. Purr.

I don't really want to talk much about Columbus College of Art and Design yet, other than to say that it seems very nice and the lady who reviewed my portfolio didn't seem to have any problem with any of my fixations. Asked whether I'd seen Willard yet. :D

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