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17 April 2003 @ 07:59 pm
Maybe if we all liked Spam...  
Today was a thoroughly bizarre day. But I did finish my paper! I did! The test is... how much will she hate it?.

And the Kurtz library woman is a Nazi biatch. >__> I'm trying to write a paper and she closes the library for no apparent reason! Hustles us all out. Tried to extort extra money from me too in library fines. I was kind of nasty, but figured I deserved to be as I'd only paid her a couple days before. Mind like a fucking sieve. And 'kurtz' makes me think of Heart of Darkness... if she put the heads of students who misbehaved in the library up on spikes, I wouldn't be surprised. It also makes me think of German.

Which reminds me... why do I keep getting spam email in German? I can't read German! I know nothing about German!

Well, that was one of the most random sequeways ever.

And the Colonel (school paper) mini-issue on SEXXX came out today. It's hysterically funny. And it includes my drawing of a sessy girly. But... dammit, they have no idea how to resize things! >__> This... this is why they should have let me be on Colonel staff, if only so I could take care of how my own damn artwork appears. Wankers.

By the way, I am getting Best Female Artist this year. And I'm not just bragging; it's pretty much confirmed. Amy told me. *pleased with Amy because she brought to me the good news... and because she had to sit next to Kori all of fourth period. Hehe*
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