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17 April 2003 @ 09:17 pm
Don't ask how or why I came across this...  
But ARRRRGH! >__< I hate, hate, hate how our culture portrays the Holocaust. I hate it!

On Steven Spielberg's Oscar acceptance speech for Schindler's List:

"In his acceptance speech he thanked 'the six million who can't be watching this among the one billion watching this telecast tonight. In so many American schools, the Holocaust really is a footnote in the history books.'"

Excuse me? Six million? Ha! Try ELEVEN. What about all of those non-Jews who were killed? Do they not matter? Oh, I suppose not. Five million people... eh. Disposable, really. Never mind that Hitler also wiped out almost the entire population of Eastern European gypsies. They aren't Jewish, so WHO CARES!

And a footnote in our history books? I don't know about other people my age, but I think I was forced to study the Holocaust in depth every year until tenth grade. And when my opinions didn't coincide with the rest of the class? When I suggested that maybe Jews were being a tad bit overrepresented in the literature we read, especially since I had never been taught anything about the Holocaust victims who were not Jews (besides mentioning them in passing; "Oh yeah... and all those other guys died too"). People got angry with me. Yes, little racist, anti-Semitic me.

The only thing I'm anti is discrimination. And when you ignore five million people because they aren't a certain religion...? Yeah. Sounds like discrimination to me! But, y'know... I'm just cynical like that.

Be aware that, when you read my journal, you will probably see this rant numerous times in many different forms. :D You will also be shown this site over and over:


Fly, my pretties.
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