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Right, so... shut up!

"Hi, my name is Mike, but you can call me Mike..."

Aaaaaanyway. Persuaded Daddy to let me rent Wilde, Charlie's Angels, Friday the Thirteenth part humminahbahah, and The Faculty. In other words, I will be getting a healthy dose of Crispin Glover, Elijah Wood, and witty gay men. PH34R M3 P133Z3!

Dad laughed at Crispin Glover missing the chocolate milk in the Back to the Future outtakes. He also agreed with me that they should have left the extended Darth Vader scene in the movie because it would have been funnier and would have made more sense. Oh well. I don't know why, but my favorite BttF moment (and it isn't even in the real movie) is Michael J. Fox hitting Crispy with the hairdryer. *thwap* "That's this Saturday night, George."

Snarffffff. I. Know. Nothing. How tall do you think Crispin is? This isn't me being obsessive (well, technically yes... yes, it is) it's just for practical purposes. I mean... Elijah's short and all... >__>

*dies* "Frank Lloyd Wrong."

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