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"Well, all right, so I'm being foolish..."

I watched Charlie's Angels last night. And I have decided that all the fuss over Crispin's part in that movie isn't warranted.

Honestly, the only good part about it is when he kicks ass to Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up." And that is a very good part indeed. Also at the end when, over the credits, they're showing some of the outtakes and he stands and hits his head on the little "Take one, take two" thingy. That was cute. But anyway.

I must be the only person who finds the Thin Man to be horribly boring. I lurve Crispin and it's cool to see the action stuff, but he doesn't really... do much, I guess. He's just kind of there. And the no talking, while intriguing at first, later just becomes exasperating.

In other words... I have no problem with him getting set up with Drew Barrymore's character in the second movie, if indeed that is the case. At least it gives him something to do. Hell, for all we know about the Thin Man, he could be a hopeless romantic deep down inside. Or a homosexual BDSM leather fetishist who collects his partners' hair for trophies (and I have full intention of writing something of the sort. You know... just to give him something/one to do).

All right... so I like the Thin Man a little. But just as a sex toy. And I'd like to see more Angels femslash, actually. It makes far more sense, after all.

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