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19 April 2003 @ 09:33 pm
Flame two!  
I love it, oh yes I do!

"OH MY GOD! WHAT WAS THAT! I have no words to describe the image that I'm going to see in my nightmares tonight! I will never be able to look at a Tootsie Pop the same way again!"

*is puzzled* But... the Tootsie Pop is in no way involved in anything dirty... why would you not be able to look at it in the same way? I mean... if you really want nightmares, I can write a sequel that puts Mr. Tootsie Pop in some very naughty places... hmmm...

*is kidding* But I hope this gets reviewed nastily on something like ficbitches! Imagine what intelligent things a reviewer would have to say: "It's incest! Eeewww! With a Tootsie Pop! I'm twenty-five, but I still act like I'm twelve! How dare other people enjoy things I think are icky!"

So far, this has been the greatest day of my life, fanfic-wise. I'm so happy.
Current Mood: jubilant
Current Music: Destiny's Child - Independent Women Part 1