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Guess what I'm doing? (Er... what I was doing?)

Because, you know, I am ever so cool and stuff...

I was watching an early cut of Willard I downloaded from Kazaa! :D It actually is a little different, with some scenes having minor changes. Most noticable is a long scene between Willard and Catherine (the somewhat infamous "let's go drink" scene... aka "I'm not hitting on you, Willard." Yeah, like hell you're not). And... that scene is awkward, for both Willard and Crispin, and I'm glad they cut it out. It fucks with pacing too. But it does give some character insight into Cathryn, which she oh-so desperately needs. Suppose they'll include it on the dvd?

*Sighs over the "I hate everyone but you... let's go to bed" bit* Willard and Socrates are just so cute.

I also downloaded Crispin's masturbation song. It's great. I reeeeeeeeaaaally want that cd now. But considering I'm shelling out $30 for brownies (admittedly, they are very... special brownies) I don't really have the money. Now. But I will. Someday. How can you not encourage a man who sings/growls "I close the bathroom door; I be looking so cool. My momma don't know I been touchin' my tool!"

Ooh! And I have now seen The Faculty. Uh... yeah. :D Elijah is so adorable when he's angsting and trembling like a chihuahua.

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