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Oh, and by the way...

Flame! :D


Simple and to the point. I congratulate you on your eloquence.

On the other hand, I also got this:

"HA! Sorry to disappoint you if you were expecting flames--I am utterly tickled by the existence of this story. Daring, cute, vivacious, and unexpectedly well-written. Just what this stagnant old fandom needs! Hope you and FT *are* in cahoots, you'd write a helluva fic together...

So how 'bout some Marty/Doc? ;)"

And I finally figured out who flaming trails is. Yay. She (ee?) writes sort of soppy and cute stories mostly concentrating on Marty and Doc's relationship. But they aren't slash. At least... I don't think they are. Good though. Hmm. Maybe I'll write a short Marty/Doc just to get the reactions. :D FUN! And I will write more Marty/George even if it kills me (the contrelamontre challenge this week is perfect for one of my ideas).

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