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27 April 2003 @ 09:17 pm
I missed this one!  
Oh horror of horrors!

"Gee, too bad it's a proven fact that George is STRAIGHT and likes to watch GIRLS undress.

(shakes head in disgust)

Obviously a newbie in the fan world, and a sicko one at that!"

Sicko I can take. But newbie? NEWBIE?!?! Who else wants to bet that I've been doing this for far longer than the person who left this review?

And I love that he/she/it brings up George being a horny little peeping tom like that's a good thing. People are so great. I mean... they just continue to give me exactly what I want! :D They fuel my obsession!

"Well, I don't mean to piss you off with things I might say. But when I try to shut my mouth they come out anyway.

13 1/13 inch, ebony and mercury. Interesting and
unusual are severe understatements for this
Gregorovitch wand. You've got your own style
and your own opinions, and you probably live in
your own world as well. Join us down here in
the real world sometimes, will you?

Which wand will yours be?
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Sycoraxsycoraxthewitch on April 28th, 2003 04:51 am (UTC)
I have a gallery (3 galleries really...)at Elfwood and there I get a few strange and/or horrible comments every now and then. But I kind of like them. Except one where I was threaten to be killed (!) and the totally crazy person who left 18 comments on the same pic in which he had a coversation with himself (pretending to be 4 or 5 different persons).

I have one pic that I drew in 3 minutes back in 1997 that I myself hate (it's so ugly!), but I just can't take it down because it is so fun to read the comments.

Too bad most of the people who give bad comments/reviews do it anonymously. I like people who can stand for their opinions.