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Sometimes you feel like a nut...

It's the truth. And I, personally, feel a little silly for not writing down my good news a lot earlier. But, let's face it...I've been both busy and lazy at the same time. Therefore, I'm not doing shit.
Anyway, my good news has everything to do with Ryan. ^_____^ Unfortunately, I haven't had sex with him yet...but I've become extra affectionate, tossing in little kisses with his hugs. I think I started that on Friday, and when I did kiss him on the cheek he said "Awww..."
But Saturday was my good day. Before the play started I told him to stay at the lighting board because I had something to give him. While I went and got it from backstage, he got up and started to follow me...but I got back out there too quickly for him...so he was just kinda wandering around. I sort of said "Hey, I told you to stay there!" and as he went back to sit at the lighting board, I gave him his present.
Yup, I made a little comic for him. So sue me ^^;;. It was actually kind of embarrassing. For me, anyway. Basically, it was a cute little deal, with a stand-alone sort of picture of Ryan building the set and then the comic where I basically told him he was a good director, a good guy, and gave him my thanks. Pretty corny. I actually had to run backstage because it was too embarrassing for me to be out there when he read it.
But, I did eventually have to come out of hiding to get myself some water and he ambushed me then. He was actually hopping up and down on one leg, he was so excited. As he put it: 'No one's eve done this for me before!" And something along the lines of 'you're so sweet; you're so cute'. More hugs, more kisses. And we talked for a couple minutes. He said "Well, even after this is over, we'll be in 'All in the Timing' together, and then..." I think he was expecting me to say I'd keep trying out for Tree City plays...but I said no. I can't continue to do community theatre during the year because I have to concentrate on school and all the activities I have there. But I made sure that I could email him dates and times of my school plays and stuff. He was fine with that. And we just brought up some more random stuff. I told him he smelled like iced tea (I'm kinda smell-oriented, especially when it comes to people I like). We spent a few minutes trying to figure out why that was...he had me smell his hair to see if it was his shampoo. It wasn't his shampoo, but his hair did smell nice. He then smelled my fluff of hair and said "It smells like hair". That it does. My hair does not smell interesting.
So, eventually and sadly, I had to retreat backstage. But after the play was also nice. I got to suck (but not for too long) on Ryan's neck! Blame his girlfriend, who made a big deal over a hickey she'd given him...as I joke, I decided to chew on his neck when he hugged me the last time. He laughed and said "Ah, you got me all spitty!" It was just...sweet. Inside jokes for theatre people...heh...
I dunno...it was just a really nice night. But the comic still embarrassed me, especially when Mike started going off on anime trivia and entirely puzzling Ryan when he told him he looked like Vash The Stampede. ^^;; Oy, Mike...shush...
I guess my big dilemma right now is that I really like Ryan...a lot...but I don't want to hurt Beth (his girlfriend). But she's a little funny...not one of my favorite people. She's the sort of person who is always acting...she never stops. And it's disconcerting at times. Not that she's a bad person...she's quite nice...but I have a problem relating to those people who can't stop being a character (and are often very loud in the process).
That's all for now...enough typing outta me.

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