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I am going to bite off my nose and attack my lungs with a wire scrub brush. Then I'm going to rip out every tooth in my head and eat nothing but steak milkshakes for the rest of my life.

And then... and then I'm going to buy new pants. Ones that fit. Maybe I'll even buy girl!pants this time around. Because I'm sick of having to hold up my jeans when I run and constantly worry about whether my ugly underwear is showing. Hehe. Amphetemines make you skinny, yo. Not that I'll ever actually be skinny, but I probably look a little bit better.

Oh! Oh! Oh holy shit! We now interrupt this journal entry for the most ignorant, but well-written condemnation of what I like to do! :D From one "Julia Iscariot." I applaud her leaving her name. And email! How sweet. If I wasn't such a coward, I'd totally send this.

"I wonder if any of you slash writers can watch a movie and do something other than try to put all the male characters together, whether they're straight or not."

Nope. And I, personally, like it that way. I have no morals and will freely admit it.

"I, personally, didn't like it."

That's nice. And I don't think that has any real bearing on whether other people like it or whether it was well written.

"It could be written like Shakespeare, but when the subject matter is perverted, it still won't be good."

In your opinion. Always in your opinion. Some of the best stories I've ever read have been insanely perverted and I love 'em. And some of the most boring stories are sweet, clean, and cookie-cutterish in plot and characterization. Give me perverted over conformist any day, thank you.

"Sure, there'll always be people who disagree (and tell me that the Marquis De Sade was a great artist),"

Yes, and always remember that your opinion is not shared by the rest of the world (and I do think the Marquis de Sade was damn talented, but crazy. On the other hand, comparing me to de Sade is just a little extreme, no?).

"but I do think there's a lot more interesting fanfiction to write that doesn't involve heaps upon heaps of homosexual and bisexual relationships."

Not to me there isn't.

"Nightspore - Ah, so . . . thinking that incest is wrong and not being altogether uncomfortable with the idea of a father snogging his own son makes me a "homophobe"? So basically . . . a father screwing with his own son or his own daughter is absolutely okay to you. Good to know. Sorry, I'm going to be staying a "tightarsed catholic old-fashioned geezer" and stick to the idea that having relations with your immediate family isn't! a good thing."

Oh, for crying out loud, it isn't real!

"Secondly, I don't see the theme of bisexuality in this movie."

So? If I wanted canon, I'd watch the movie. I want fanfic, so I write what I'd like to see.

" I see a theme of time travel and a kid trying to make the world a better place in the future. Thirdly, I don't see why everyone in the fifties would automatically be bisexual or gay. I'm not opposed to slash. There's a bunch of pairings that work. Like people who are actual couples in the original story. I'm just sick and tired of the old "OOh! Let's play spin the bottle and see what happens, preferably using only the sexy men!" game."

Ah. More room for the rest of us to play then! And it sure as hell ain't just the sexy men. *pets foxy Roxie and Velma*

"Make the slash believable, and I'll like it. Make it a completely impossible incest fic that only makes stomachs turn, and I'll hate it."

Believe it or not, my main objective is not to please you.

"If that's "homophobic" and "close-minded", then do whatever suits you,"

I do believe I shall! Glad to have your approval.

" but don't expect to be published anytime soon, because this sort of "ooh, sexy men together snogging, no matter who they are!" banter isn't worth any non-porn publisher's time."

I wasn't looking to be published, not at all. But you have to admit that it seems to have worked pretty well for Anne Rice. Anyway, if I can make a good living writing porn (which The World May Never Know is not certainly not) I won't complain.

I love it when she compares me to the Marquis de Sade. That's the best part. It's like when one of my father's students compared him to Jeffery Dahmer.

This just makes me want to tug out my Marty/George hurt/comfort and do some serious work on it...

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