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Art!!! Art Alexakis!!!

This is the reason we go to so many Everclear concerts:


Well, besides the great music, dehydration, exhaustion, crowd-surfing and red spikey haired Craig, bald Greg, and "I Just Wanna Be a Rock Star". ^^

Favorite Everclear quotes:

'Haha I tried to use the lamaze things on her like, 'breathe honey'. I almost got beat up by a very irate pregnant woman. So, don't do that with a pregnant woman. Let her breathe the way she wants to.' -Art Alexakis(talking about the birth of daughter Anna.)

'Everyone will tell you, you talk to women, you talk to men.. women will tell you that babies are beautiful from the moment they're born. Men will tell you they look like a cross between James Cagney and a hamster.' -Art Alexakis

'A lot of people don't know it, but I used to be in New Kids On The Block . . . and Craig was the lead singer of Menudo for four years.' - Art Alexakis

'I amuse everybody on the road with various sounds that I can do with my mouth.' - Craig Montoya

'I'm not good enough to do the Celine Dion pop thing' - Art Alexakis

'It's alright for bands to make their opinions known, to a certain extent.' - Craig Montoya

'The day I can go onstage as a guitarist, I'll be happy; even if it's terrible.' - Greg Eklund (drummer... all Everclear fans go 'duh')

'Any time there was a mistake in the studio or something, I would blame it on the brain.' - Greg Eklund

'We've been accused of being clever. We're not clever at all.' - Art Alexakis

'If you want happy songs, by all means, go buy a Spice Girls record.' - Art Alexakis

'I can't afford an ego.' - Craig Montoya

'It's a Nirvana watered-down rip-off.' - Art Alexakis On Bush

'I always get really nervous, but I think if I stop getting nervous, it'd be no fun' - Craig Montoya About Being Backstage

'We're not a gloom band, we're a fun band . . .' - Greg Eklund

'I try to write effervescent pop songs. They just come out sort of twisted.' - Art Alexakis

'I'm not really surfing the net, I'm still wading.' - Greg Eklund

'Pretty soon everybody's looking at you, everybody knows you. It's weird to live in a fishbowl.' -Craig Montoya

'I am a Scandanavian Oak Tree....' -Greg Eklund

'Taco Bell was gourmet food for me at that point.' -Greg Eklund

'In bed with a younger woman. Come hard and die with a smile on my face!' -Art Alexakis on how he'd want to die.

'Maybe I'd eat Craig first, cos he's so skinny that he'd just wither away. I'd save Greg for later cos he's got more meat on his bones.' -Art Alexakis when asked who he'd eat first if stranded on a deserted island.

'Quirky sense of humour, intense looks, scary but ugly, generous, self-effacing but arrogant at times, very ambitious and very driven. And likes to have fun out of bed and in it!' -Art Alexakis when asked to describe himself on a blind date form.

'Hopefully, you'll make enough money to stay in a Motel 6 or something - lie about how many people are gonna be in your room. Double up on beds. And hopefully, your bass player won't spoon you like mine does.' -Art Alexakis

'Hi! I'm Art, I'm Craig, and I'm Greg. We're Everclear. And we hope you all die!' -Everclear

'The one that has stuck with me the most is Big Daddy. It's because I'm the oldest guy in the band, I am a daddy, and a busy-body - and cos I've got an armadillo in my trousers!' -Art Alexakis when asked what nickname has stuck with him the most.

There're people who said I used to be a dwarf. Just not true! I was a dwarf tosser for a while, but I was young, it was dark, it was raining. -Art Alexakis

I like songs that kind of reach in and touch you. Then again, I like bands like Chixdiggit. -Art Alexakis

If punk rock came around again, I'd be Arthur Catharsis. I would. Instead of Art Damage, I'd be Arthur Catharsis. Isn't that cool? -Art Alexakis

I'm the drummer?! OK, that's cool. I'm down with that. I ain't got no problem. -Greg Eklund

I'd like to put out a book of poetry someday. -Art Alexakis

My mom told me quite young, 'Son, you have a face that makes some people really love you, and some people want to just punch you.' -Art

I think from the way people write they think I have this big plan in my head because they call me 'Everclear mastermind, Art Alexakis,' and i'm just like, 'I'm just writing songs man, there's no plan.' -Art

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