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01 May 2003 @ 09:21 am
Um, yeah. Exactly.  
I start working Saturday. I hate Six Flags already. Not drawing, but just the whole... park... thing. Paperwork, parking lot, security. Ugh. I like the people I work with... loud but fun. I just wish I was a better artist. I need to work on cartoon-y bodies. I need to work, period.

My body hurts. I'm not at school. Yesterday was awful. Mom thought the stuff about the pierogies was funny. I think I'd like some food that isn't Polish. I'm not Polish. What the fuck am I? Besides Croatian... >_> I have no clue what my father is or where my last name comes from. I only have this vague idea of territory. That bugs me. "He's from, like, somewhere over there." *waves arms*

There are several stories of mine that are getting reviewed a lot suddenly and I wish they weren't. Runaways (which is not finished and never will be... probably) and My Sexual Life (which, while somewhat well-written, was also written before I ever saw Trigun and thus is very much out of character).These stories are so old... I weep. Stop reading them.

I'm going to the doctor! Maybe I'll get well!

You write angst, angst, and more angst. For you, a
story isn't a story unless someone gets
molested/tortured/humiliated/abused. That's
okay, though; nobody writes angst better than
you! Not only that, but your plotlines, however
dark, are quite often very original. Those who
can stomach what you dish out will gladly
attest to your greatness and brilliance. Some
might even call you a god! A rather cruel god,
but a god nonetheless. Your writing is probably
hauntingly beautiful, and someone who's read
your stuff will never forget it.

What Kind of Fanfiction Writer Are You?
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